A simple smell or taste can be a wonderful trigger taking you back to a time or place you maybe haven’t been in a while. These food memories and the scents associated with them are often the most magical, instantly reminding us of family, friends and the culture and geography that we were born into. For the Milos family those memories from back home stayed with them and served as an inspiration to open up a European deli.  In 1996 the family opened ABC Euro Delicatessen using traditional recipes handed down through generations and their passion drove them to succeed. All these years later, that passion to provide mealtime memories from back home and to satisfy customers has remained the heart and soul of this company.

Ribbon Cutting

February 17th 2018 marked the culmination of that idea that began 22 years ago. ABC Euro Delicatessen moved to a new bigger location that was far more superior than the little deli that had started their dreams. They continue to specialize in European products and prepare many foods in house with the finest ingredients so you can enjoy all the best at home.  They expanded their product lines, imports, and offer many unique items along with all your daily favorites. You can be sure to find a wide selection of cured meats, cold cuts, fresh meats, sausages, cheeses, pastries, dairy, grocery and hot table items. If you are looking for anything particular, their outstanding staff is always happy to help and accommodate your needs. 


The Milos family invites you to visit ABC Euro Delicatessen and welcomes you into their family!




Through over 22 years of experience, we have learned that our community is a great thing. We, as a community have flourished where many others have not.  And we at ABC Euro Delicatessen are proud to have been a part of that progress.


Our children are the most important part of our lives and our community has stepped up in that regard. Romanian classes from TSDB-ILE, Milne Valley MS, Toronto and also the Romanian Ontario Learning Association to promote the Romanian Language and Culture are doing a fantastic things with our children!


Our spirits are just as important, we are very proud to be a sponsor for All Saints Romanian Orthodox Parish of Toronto.

Our health is just as important and we are happy that in the past we have sponsored soccer teams and sporting events in the community!  And we are going to be a part of our lovely community for many years to come.